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Driving transformational change

With over a decade of consulting high performers, Dr. Kevin drives transformational change spanning multiple industries and different organizations. His uniquely customized keynotes energize, empower and educate every single time using award-winning approaches for adult learners.

Why risk the special shared moments of your event with just any speaker, and not use someone who will drive cultural metamorphosis and make it breathtaking every single time?

Make Dr. Kevin your partner and witness the positive change.

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Kevin’s Approach to Enabling Continuous Improvement






How to Book Kevin

1. Contact

Contact Matt Meyer of the Executive Speakers Bureau at matt@executivespeakers.com to share your event details. We’ll confirm Dr. Kevin’s availability for your date.

2. Intro Call

Once your date is confirmed, we’ll book our first introductory call so that Dr. Kevin can discuss your event goals.



3. Confirm

To secure a date, 50% of the fee is required. Once the paperwork is in place, we will get to work coordinating details.

4. Prep Meeting

To customize his presentation, Dr. Kevin will work closely with your team in the weeks leading up to your event so that he can incorporate your specific needs and additional research into his presentation.

5. Event Day

On the day of the event, Dr. Kevin will check the room, conduct the A/V rehearsal with your crew, and tune in to the dynamics of your live event.




Let us help you deliver an awesome and valuable experience for your audience. If you don’t see here that you need, please email us at matt@executivespeakers.com



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