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Equity Coaching Clinic

Your organization may need more interactive engagement after the opening DEI salvo. Our Equity Coaching Clinic provides a hyper-focus on one specific pain-point and executes the workshop experience in an hour. If your organizations’ board, departments or leaders need to go deeper in this content with one trusted voice, our Equity Coaching Clinic was designed for you.

Dr. Kevin gets your company “unstuck” and shapes strategy using thought-provoking activities that advise you through the most noted challenges after the big DEI speech.

This coaching clinic can be tailored for corporate audiences, healthcare professionals, and athletes.

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  • Inclusion First Culture Assessment
  • Equitable conversations
  • Equitable messaging
  • Equitable partnership building
  • Internal Review Framework
  • Crisis Management (2 sessions)
  • Diversity Pipeline Development
  • Equitable measurement and evaluation