Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins

historian | sociologist | social epidemiologist

Vice-Provost Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania


Nevertheless here are social problems before us demanding careful study, questions awaiting satisfactory answers. We must study, we must investigate, we must attempt to solve; and the utmost that the world can demand is, not lack of human interest and moral conviction, but rather the heart-quality of fairness, and an earnest desire for the truth despite its possible unpleasantness.
— WEB Du Bois, Philadelphia Negro, 1899


Spring 2017

  • Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Policy
  • Public Health Ethics

Fall 2016

  • Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Policy

Spring 2016

  • Applied Linear Modeling 

Fall 2015

  • Race, Law, & Health
  • Quantitative Inquiry




Every person encounters an intellectual giant who can change the course of one’s life.  They push you to an uncomfortable point of clarity that amplifies a fledgling whisper to a scholarly roar. Professor accessibility coupled with open bilateral interactions between students and instructors foster boundless learning environments. A scholarly voice comes from this atmosphere. My teaching philosophy embraces respectful educational exchanges rooted in an approach that embraces sociology, history, and social epidemiology. The foundations of my teaching philosophy calibrate, challenge, critique, and commission my students educational experience. I believe students should be fairly critiqued through transparent metrics. My course assignments are designed for critical thinking not calculated trickery. Assignment rubrics are provided with each description to mitigate confusion and firmly establish expectations.

My pedagogical style intertwines traditional lectures, social media, and highly interactive student activities. I challenge my students to articulate the course content and the procurement process using translational communication tools and traditional measures. My lectures convey elements of pop culture, case & statutory law, and stimulating graphics. Following and during every lecture, students use social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram) to answer instructor stimulated prompts. Students rarely connect lectures with these intellectual scavenger hunts. I require iteratively constructed written and oral expressions of course mastery.


Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins | 2019