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Exclusive Organizational Dynamics Fosters Distrust While Fueling Toxic Corporate Culture

Dr. Kevin brings over a decade of consultation with high performers spanning multiple industries to every employee on your organizational chart.

As one of America’s emerging voices on DE&I, Dr. Kevin knows how to skillfully navigate tough conversations about race, racism, and equity in the workplace to create a more inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

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Win When

Exclusive organizational dynamics foster distrusts while fueling toxic corporate culture.

Win When carves a roadmap to professional development through research, humor, and powerful storytelling. Leaning on his past and present platforms, Dr. Kevin curated the best-practices of Black former professional athletes, veterans, and physicians that confronts, informs, and heals the consequences of bias within American organizations.


  • Understand the concepts of structural racism, inclusion & diversity, & health equity.
  • Interrogate how organizational culture shapes the motivation, scope, and execution of health equity.
  • Investigate the process and measurement of achieving racial equity through contemporary best practices.

Tailored Versions for:

Medical Professionals Athletes Hospital Groups Pharmaceutical Industry
Align Anywhere

Team Transformation

Deliver personalized interactive content overtime instead of trying to undue a lifetime of perspectives in one point in time.

As we all wrestle with remote working, Dr. Kevin created a racial competence corporate training system that is specifically designed for 30 to 90 days of highly-personalized engagement that goes straight to your employees personal phone.

The Winning Race DE&I Platform powered by Align Anywhere provides executives, managers, and teams with thought-provoking weekly content that allows participants to explore the most perplexing issues of race, racism, and organizational dynamics through the short 2-minute videos that unlock the personal, self-paced journey to Winning Race.


  • Realize the signs of a toxic corporate culture and its effects on individual health along with organizational performance.
  • Reimagine communication, incentives, and socialization to promote high-performance work environments.
  • Develop a sustainable DE&I Strategic plan that establishes how to enhance equity and mitigate the challenges racial conflict at all levels of an organization.

Tailored Versions for:

Medical Professionals Corporate Audiences Hospital Groups Pharmaceutical Industry
DE&I Strategy

DE&I Strategy

Methodologies that visualize organizational culture driven by difference.

The Winning Race also offers virtual and in-person bootcamps geared towards cross-functional team managers and executives.

Dr. Kevin energizes, empowers, and educates using his award-winning approaches for adult learners.

Before we begin the hard work of building and sustaining an inclusive corporate culture, Dr. Kevin performs an organizational culture diagnostic.

He uses internal data from evidence-based assessments to perform predictive modeling techniques to identify patterns of success and concern.


  • Face how to manage through racial crisis and societal injustice.
  • Detail how to authentically recruit & retain top talent from underrepresented groups.
  • Develop strategic plans and playbooks that roadmap internal & external best practices.

Tailored Versions for:

Medical Professionals Corporate Audiences Hospital Groups Pharmaceutical Industry