Let’s Talk

A catalyst for change that opens the path to healing dialogue.

Tough corporate conversations about inequity where we work, live, and learn can intimidate anyone. The toxicity of corporate environments surfaces when we host dialogue with no destination.

No matter the conflict or crisis, organizations need to know why and how to lead critical conversations about tough topics. Dr. Kevin provides a roadmap and guides your company through the art of authenticate engagement that reconstructs corporate culture.

This powerful topic can be delivered as a keynote or workshop for your team.

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Program Takeaways:

  • Provide the Winning Race conversation starters to launch critical conversations with empathy.
  • Recognize unheard employees as the experts of their own experiences.
  • Implement clear and effective dialogue curriculum that interactively embraces all perspectives.
  • Talking the “isms” of our world at work is simply unnatural.
  • Regular inclusive dialogue increases revenue while enriching culture.
  • Outline and personalize an Inclusion-first culture.