Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins

historian | sociologist | social epidemiologist

Vice-Provost Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania

I Need Help Writing...

I've always been a GREAT writer, but the question that I had to answer in graduate school was simple: to whom? My prose engaged palpable imagery and convoked the very intellectual senses that inspired my thirst for knowledge.

But um, that's not how it works in the academy. Sentences have to short and digestible. They breath on their own without comma-induced pauses. Quite simply--just say it! This video is amazing at telling one who may literary dreams in an academic environment. Bottom line...shut up and say it! When you become more senior, you can write whatever way you choose. 

An absolutely amazing book for all to read is "Publishing and Presenting Clinical Research" by Warren Browner. Please purchase this book to aide you scholarly journey.  




Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins | 2019