Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins

historian | sociologist | social epidemiologist

Vice-Provost Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania

Win when: reclaiming greatness when good isn’t enough


It all started when…

He built a brand as “The Voice” of sports and entertainment throughout the state of North Carolina. As the former on-field announcer and sideline host of the Durham Bulls, the first weekend host of the North Carolina Education Lottery, and the public address announcer for North Carolina Central University’s football, basketball, and band, Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins intertwines his tumultuous journey of being kicked out of graduate school to now driving national conversations about how racism literally kills racial and ethnic minorities. Dr. Jenkins leads research studies that include former professional athletes, veterans, and high-risk racial minority groups living with vascular-based diseases to help reduce the health consequences of stress caused by racism. He created the electrifying wellness series, Win When, to inspire any audience to push beyond failed compromises (win-win) and follow the roadmap toward forced excellence (win when). This power-packed presentation promotes performance acceleration, leadership through inclusion and diversity, and successful stress coping strategies that threads Dr. Jenkins’ cutting-edge research and gripping personal journey from sports to academics. Are you ready to inspire your athletes in a non-traditional way?


Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins | 2019