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A sustainable DE&I strategy that truly work at scale.

As we all wrestle with remote working, Dr. Kevin created a racial competence corporate training system that is specifically designed for 30 to 90 days of highly-personalized engagement delivered via weekly text messaging and engaging video content.

The Winning Race DE&I Platform powered by Align Anywhere provides executives, managers, and teams with though-provoking content that allows participants to explore the most perplexing issues of race, racism, and organizational dynamics through the short, 2-minute videos that unlock the personal, self-paced journey to Winning Race.

Dr. Kevin uses humor and tales of resilience to massage the seriousness DE&I programming. He is the perfect tour guide for uncharted grounds.


A modern approach to L&D

Program Highlights:

  • Realize the signs of a toxic corporate culture and its effects on individual health along with organizational performance.
  • Reimagine communication, incentives, and socialization to promote high-performance work environments.
  • Develop a sustainable DE&I Strategic plan that establishes how to enhance equity and mitigate the challenges racial conflict at all levels of an organization.

Tailored Versions for:

Medical Professionals Corporate Audiences Hospital Groups Pharmaceutical Industry
Human Connection

Connect with Dr. Kevin
on a personal level.

In his unique program, Dr. Kevin delves deeper into his personal stories, thought-provoking lessons, and advice for those struggling to feel a part of the larger conversation.

At the end of every video, Dr. Kevin asks team members to complete a small challenge to put ideas into practice.



Two-Way Texting

Honest Conversation & Accountability.

2-way testing allows your team to send regular feedback and questions to Dr. Kevin and his team to stay accountable to their weekly challenges and keep learning.

What emerges are thoughtful conversations and insights coming from all different perspectives.


Identify issues & receive an action plan of solutions.

The Winning Race DE&I Platform deploys assessment tools throughout the program allows us to gather honest, anonymous insights from employees to create a full report for leadership after the program concludes.

Dr. Kevin can your team help identify and address larger issues quickly before they grow into systemic problems within the organization.

How It Works

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Keynote Kickoff

An inspirational keynote helps prime your team for personal reflection and genuine excitement for what’s possible with The Winning Race DE&I Platform powered by Align Anywhere.

Easy Sign-up & Onboarding

Mobile sign-up takes seconds with a QR code.

A quick onboarding survey helps determine a meaningful content path that best fits each team member’s needs.

A Personalized Experience

Regular surveys and 2-way texting allow team members to receive content they can put into action immediately in their personal and professional lives.

Sparking Honest, Thoughtful Conversations

DE&I doesn’t have to be scary. Dr. Kevin and his team are skilled at opening up respectful dialogue and facilitating sustainable transformations through experiential learning.

Once Aligned, True Possibilities Open Up

While team members may begin their journey on different paths, the program helps each person align with each other from a better point of understanding and personal accountability.

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